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Business Analytics using Excel


Our Business Analytics with Excel course is designed to help you get introduced to the world of analytics. This training will provide you with the concepts, knowledge and hard skills required for building a strong analytics career. For a person with knowledge and experience in the IT or any core industry, this course will equip you to understand data and make data-driven decisions us.


For those new to the analytics field, this course provides an excellent foundation of required concepts and skills. This business analytics training also goes into the statistical concepts that are important in deriving insights from available data in order to present findings using executive level dashboards. Finally, you will learn Power BI, which is currently the latest and best tool provided by Microsoft for analytics and data visualization.


Duration: 24 hours


Course Outline:



Introduction to Business Analytics


Ø  Introduction


Ø  Types of Analytics


Ø  Areas of Analytics




Formatting Conditional Formatting and Important Functions


Ø  Introduction


Ø  Custom Formatting Introduction


Ø  Custom Formatting Example


Ø  Conditional Formatting Introduction


Ø  Conditional Formatting Example1


Ø  Conditional Formatting Example2


Ø  Conditional Formatting Example3


Ø  Logical Functions


Ø  Lookup and Reference Functions


Ø  VLOOKUP Function


Ø  HLOOKUP Function


Ø  MATCH Function


Ø  INDEX and OFFSET Function


Ø  Statistical Function


Ø  SUMIFS Function


Ø  COUNTIFS Function




Ø  STDEV, MEDIAN and RANK Function


Ø  Exercises










Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables


Ø  Introduction


Ø  Pivot Table Introduction


Ø  Concept Video of Creating a Pivot Table


Ø  Grouping in Pivot Table Introduction


Ø  Grouping in Pivot Table Example 1


Ø  Grouping in Pivot Table Example 2


Ø  Custom Calculation


Ø  Calculated Field and Calculated Item


Ø  Calculated Field Example


Ø  Calculated Item Example


Ø  Slicer Intro


Ø  Creating a Slicer


Ø  Exercises






Ø  Introduction


Ø  What is a Dashboard


Ø  Principles of Great Dashboard Design


Ø  How to Create Chart in Excel


Ø  Chart Formatting


Ø  Thermometer Chart


Ø  Pareto Chart


Ø  Form Controls in Excel


Ø  Interactive Dashboard with Form Controls


Ø  Chart with Checkbox


Ø  Interactive Chart


Ø  Exercise






Business Analytics With Excel


Ø  Introduction


Ø  Concept Video Histogram


Ø  Concept Video Solver Addin


Ø  Concept Video Goal Seek


Ø  Concept Video Scenario Manager


Ø  Concept Video Data Table


Ø  Concept Video Descriptive Statistics


Ø  Exercises




Data Analysis Using Statistics


Ø  Introduction


Ø  What Is in It for Me


Ø  Moving Average


Ø  Hypothesis Testing




Ø  Covariance


Ø  Correlation


Ø  Regression


Ø  Normal Distribution


Ø  Exercises




Power BI


Ø  Introduction


Ø  What is it and how to use it – different types


Ø  Power Pivot


Ø  Power View


Ø  Power Query


Ø  Power Map


Ø  Exercises




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